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Golf Injury & Rehab Specialist (Dublin, Ireland) September 7th & 8th, 2019

Irish Strength Institute, Unit 1, Malahide Marina, Malahide, Dublin

This course is designed both for therapists who currently manage, as well as those looking to start treating, amateur and professional golfers. Benefit from a patented system developed from a combined 20 years of experience treating European and PGA Tour golfers.

Course Objectives & Agenda:

Over this two-day (16 hrs CPD) seminar, our goals are to enhance your clinical skills and apply this newfound knowledge to your golf clients immediately.

1. Introduction to the Golf Swing
Breaking down the golf swing and using it to help with your overall assessment

2. Golf Specific Screening & Functional Assessment
How do we use the TPI, FMS, SFMA and DNS Screens to assess golfers in detail.

3. Manual Therapies Approaches for Golf Injuries
This includes myofascial techniques, instrument assisted soft tissue therapy, mcKenzie, manipulation & mobilisation. How these techniques are modified for junior and senior golfers. 

4. Evidence Based Rehabilitation Approaches
How to properly rehabilitate tennis elbow, disc herniations, TFCC tears, meniscal injuries and other common golf injuries

5. Improving Performance & Longevity
How the tour pros looks after their recovery, what strategies they use and how they can be applied to the amaetuer golfe

6. Building a Golf Specific Clinic
Having both extensive experience on tour and in private practice we will show you how to build a successful golf specific clinic  

Who's The Course For?

Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Massage & Sports Therapists